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A letter to dads on Father’s Day,

If you’re anything like my husband… sometimes you may feel a little forgotten. Un-important. Maybe a little bit like you’re just along for the ride.

From the moment we found out we were expecting our first son, my hubby liked to joke… “No one cares about me. They just want to know how you and the baby are”. At work and with family and friends, he would field questions about how I was feeling. If I was having morning sickness, if I felt the baby moving yet. And in the 4 years since, it’s remained the same story. Everyone seems to always be concerned with how I’m handling motherhood and the work/family balance. If I’m getting enough sleep. If he is helping me out enough around the house. If I am getting enough me-time.

It seems these days, we, as a society, are so caught up in celebrating motherhood, that we tend to forget that there are dads out there, too. And that, as dads, you struggle with a lot of the same things that we moms do. I know my husband doesn’t get me-time. He doesn’t have the whole work/family balance thing figured out either. He works VERY hard to provide for our family. He gets home from work at 2 am… and then will get up again at 5 am to console the baby because he knows I don’t do well on no sleep. He will play with our kids for hours so I can get work done. The kids and I ADORE him. In our family…. he is anything but forgotten. 

If you’re anything like my husband… you are not at all forgotten to the people that matter most in your world. You are the most important person in their life. You make their world go round. You are a rock to your wife and a role model to your kids. You are the reason your wife got 30 un-interrupted minutes of bliss before you left for work. You are the one to sit on the living room floor and play with the kids for hours upon end, never letting them see your boredom with Paw Patrol. You are the one who remembers to switch the laundry when your wife’s fried mom-brain forgets. You are the one that is always there at the end of the day with a smile on your face, a beer for yourself in one hand, and a glass of wine for your wife in the other. Your family loves you unconditionally. You are their everything.

So, thank you – to my husband and to all the other dads out there – for all that you do and I hope you all have a very Happy Father’s Day!


– Ashley


Fellow moms – this weekend , as we celebrate all the dads in our lives, please let them know that they are not forgotten. That you appreciate them and everything they do. That you wouldn’t be able to do what you do without them. Give them a kiss, pour them a drink and give them permission to have some me-time of their own 🙂

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And to all the dads I’ve had the pleasure of working with over this past year – Thank you! You are all amazing!!!!


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dad with two boys

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