Today, I realized my baby is no longer a newborn.  Of course he hasn’t been for a while now, but at 3 months old, he has tons of personality.  He is smiley, he can be VERY angry, he loves being held, hates his car seat (and his hat!), always turns his head for his brother’s voice, and is now loving playing with toys.  Today it was just him and I, big bro was at Grandma’s house, and I set out to capture his personality.  I love that when I look back at these photos I will remember his infectious smile, the way his little toes look in his casts, smell his crazy hair, and practically squeeze those chubby cheeks.   This is why I love photography.  So I will never forget how quickly he captured my heart. When you are pregnant with your second baby you always wonder if you will be able to love that baby as much as you love your first.  When you finally meet him/her there is no question in your mind that you do.  And to watch them grow and develop into their own little person who is so different from their sibling is amazing.

With every session, I strive to capture your family the way I capture mine.  Let me bring out the personality in your baby.  It’s a powerful thing to go back to that moment in time.

I just love him so much!