Well, 2015 is coming to a close…

and I’m pretty excited to leave it behind and see what 2016 has in store for the Sasak Family¬†and for Ashley Sasak Photography.

I am happy to say, I am currently booked for newborns in January, February, and March. I have one session available for April, two for May, and already have one booked in June (gotta love early planners!). Due dates are booking fast, so make sure to contact me early in your pregnancy to reserve your date! So far I am loving where this year is heading ūüôā

2015 has been a little bit of a struggle for the Sasak household. Let me preface this by saying that I know that compared to what a lot of people had to deal with this year, our year really hasn’t been¬†that bad. But, for¬†us, a lot of this year has been difficult. My husband graduated Physician Assistant school in December of 2014. We were hoping to have him¬†working full time by March of 2015, but he didn’t start his new job until June, which set us back quite a bit financially. We also had our second son in December of 2014, whom we love with all our heart, but adjusting to having two children was a lot more difficult than we had expected. My son was also born with bilateral club feet and what was supposed to be a simple process of casting and bracing, turned into a much larger ordeal. So, a lot of our year was spent in the orthopedic doctor’s office. Two surgeries, multiple casts, lots of shoe and bar wearing,¬†and lots of expensive medical bills later,¬†he now is brace free during the day and is actually starting to pull himself up to stand! And on top of the new job, the new baby, and the club feet fiasco, I decided to start Ashley Sasak Photography in April. Starting a business, having a baby, and starting a new job all at the same time is not for the weary of heart.

Anyways, I am so happy to be where I am today in life and with my business. We are settled in as a family of four, my husband is settled in at his new job, the surgeries and castings are over, and my business is set up to be very successful in 2016.

I have improved¬†my photography skills, gained business knowledge, and upgraded equipment. I took three workshops, read some ebooks, did some mentoring, improved my website, and took a LOT of photos. I also met a great¬†group of local photographers that have now become not only my “co-workers”, but my friends, and have helped so much when I’ve needed advice about something. I was able to upgrade to a full frame camera (which I never thought would be possible) and a desktop computer that has greatly¬†improved my editing skills. Both purchases have been a huge factor in my growth this year.

A few important updates for 2016:¬†I will be specializing in newborn, maternity, and fresh 48 sessions. Family sessions will only be accepted on a limited basis, so if you want a family session this year, contact me as soon as possible to get your family on the calendar! I’ve also updated the newborn¬†collections¬†to work better for my clients. I’ve found that every single one¬†of my newborn clients this year has¬†wanted more than just one session. So collections are now offered as single sessions or as multiple sessions. Multiple session collections are wonderful for capturing more than one part of¬†your¬†story (while saving you money!). That precious baby once lived in your belly before they were¬†in your arms! Babies also¬†grow SO¬†much in a year’s time (which I know all too well)! This is why I’ve included “The First Year Experience”. It includes a maternity session, a fresh 48 session, an in home newborn session, and a family session (to take place within baby’s first year of life). This is the best way to capture your baby’s whole story! And because my images tell your family’s story and include many details, there is no way I could make you choose a limited number of photos. That is why¬†collections¬†will still include ALL¬†of the final edited digital images (at least 50) from your session. I also believe that new parents don’t have much time for anything other than taking care of their baby(s). Therefore, newborn collections will¬†still include a set of 25 custom birth announcements. My favorite thing about the new collections is that they all now include a print credit toward the purchase of prints, products, and albums. Your beautiful images need to live somewhere other than just on your computer! This gives you the option to get them up on your walls or have them in an album to enjoy for years to come!

I am so excited to see what this year brings for me personally and professionally. I love that the new year brings so much excitement and anticipation with it.

To show my growth as a photographer this year,¬†I thought I’d share a photo from my first newborn session this year (for my cousin Katelyn and her family) and one from my latest newborn session earlier this month. I think seeing both of them together shows my growth as a photographer and where my style is heading. No more backdrops or complicated poses for my clients ūüôā ¬†Only¬†the best real life moments captured in a natural, captivating, and unique way.

Baby Eli from February of 2015

cleveland newborn photography

Baby Charlotte and her parents from December of 2015

cleveland newborn collections

And just for fun, my favorite personal image from 2015. Surprisingly, it’s not of my boys. I’m proud of myself for trying¬†something that was totally different for me and out of my comfort zone and I loved how it turned out!

fishing boat in lake during heavy fog

Thanks for reading and if you are interested in a maternity, fresh 48, or in home newborn session, please contact me, I would love to tell your story!!!

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