My Photography Style


My #1 goal with all my sessions is to make you FEEL something when you look at your final images. Today, tomorrow, and years from now, I want you to feel your family’s love, your joy, and your home when you flip through the pages of your photo book. 

If I had to describe my photography style, I would say that I consider it to be classic, natural, and full of love. What does that mean when it comes to your photos?

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These images are a few favorites from my childhood.

natural photography style - newborn

The images below are photos I took. See the similarities? My images reflect reality, but are infused with my artistic vision to create a classic image that will make you FEEL something when you look back on it years down the road. Simple, everyday moments are turned into something beautiful and will stand the test of time.

in home newborn photographer style


Love. Joy. Home.



Your maternity, fresh 48, baby, or newborn photography session will focus on the natural interactions between you and your loved ones. I will very rarely ask you to look at the camera and smile. I favor natural tones and neutral colored clothing so that you and your family take center stage. I don’t put babies in baskets or use props. I photograph your baby as they are. As you will want to remember them 18 years from now when you look through their baby book at their high school graduation.

natural newborn photos


Love. Joy. Home.


Full of Love

The photos that end up being my favorites from a session are the ones that make me FEEL the LOVE. These are the images that steal my heart (and hopefully yours, too!). I love to ask questions at my sessions. How did you meet? What is your favorite part about being pregnant so far? What’s your least? How was labor? What was it like meeting your baby for the first time? The answers to these questions are not only fun for me to hear, but they bring out the best and true emotions from the people I’m photographing. 

professional newborn photography in cleveland


Love. Joy. Home.

cleveland newborn photographer pricing

I would love to capture your baby and your family with images that are classic, natural, and full of love. If my photography style sounds like what you are looking for, contact me below to receive my Welcome Guide with more information and to reserve your due date.


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