my top 10 favorite pregnancy blogs | cleveland maternity photographerI LOVE reading blogs.

I think it’s the story lover in me. For some reason, I am fascinated with hearing other people’s stories. When I was expecting my first, I would spend hours perusing baby and pregnancy blogs – soaking up all the stories and experiences. I loved reading about how other mamas were feeling week to week, what they were registering for, what they were packing in their hospital bags. And the birth stories. I STILL love birth stories. I’ve had quite a few maternity session inquiries and bookings lately, so I know there’s a lot of you out there that are expecting! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pregnancy blogs that I loved reading when I was pregnant (ok, I may still secretly read them when I get baby fever and my husband’s not around 😉 )

1. The Bump

The mother of all pregnancy sites. I loved this one when I was pregnant. I was constantly on The Knot all the time when I was getting married, so moving on over to The Bump was a natural progression when I got pregnant 🙂 . This one has SO much info. Plus they have forums where you can connect with other mamas that are expecting the same month you are!

2. What to Expect When You Are Expecting

Another one of my favs when I was pregnant. I mean, just about every pregnant woman has this book, right? Well, their site is a great compliment to the book! Week to Week info on how your baby is growing and what’s happening with your body. This site also has some forums to connect with fellow moms-to-be!

3. Pregnant Chicken.

I have NO idea how I didn’t know about this one when I was having my first. I am in LOVE with this site. When I get baby fever, this is one of the ones I check out while my hubby isn’t around 🙂 . Check out the “best of” tab for a few of their most popular posts. They also have a weekly update email you can sign up for and their shopping guide is great – Links on where you to buy anything pregnancy/baby related!

4. Project Nursery

Planning your nursery is one of the best things about expecting a little one! Well, at least it is when you’re a home decor junkie like me 🙂 . Project nursery has some awesome inspiration and great decorating tips. So many fun and unique ideas to try out! Be sure to check out the Project Gallery and the Room Tours while you’re over there. When your nursery is finished, you can also submit it to be featured on their site!

5. Mama Natural

I admit, I’m kind of a crunchy mama. And it started when I was pregnant. All of a sudden I was responsible for this little life and I wanted the best for him. Our family does the best we can to avoid harmful chemicals in our food, toiletries, and home items – but there are SO many things out there that are potentially harmful that it’s hard to keep up. So we do the best we can and this is my go to site when I have questions about a product or need advice on something. Great tips on all things natural! Also, if you are looking to have a natural birth, there are GREAT birth stories on there and even a birth class!

6. Belly Itch Blog

This is a fun one! If you are a celebrity junkie, this is the site for you! This site will keep you up to date with current events surrounding pregnancy and which celeb is pregnant. It’s definitely a fun site to read through!

7. Pregnancy Corner

Even if you’re just starting to think about getting pregnant, this is a great resource. Lots of info on getting pregnant and how to know if you’re pregnant. There’s also articles to take you through your pregnancy and birth. And, if you’re pregnancy doesn’t go as planned, there’s a section on how to deal with the pain and grief that comes with a pregnancy loss.

8. Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy is a great site with tons of info and advice on having a healthy pregnancy. What’s safe and what’s not? What should you eat? How do you maintain exercise during your pregnancy? All that info can be found over there. Also, they have the latest pregnancy news and research, week-by-week pregnancy updates, baby name inspiration and of course, labor and delivery advice.  I loved this site while I was pregnant!

9. Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy

This site’s mission is to celebrate the beauty of motherhood through beautiful photography, inspirational stories, personal experiences, and how mamas just like you create meaningful memories with their own little ones. If you like pretty things and stories like I do, you’ll love this site.

10. CLE baby

Last, but not least – a local site. This site is run by a group of women who specialize in birth and postpartum doula services and childbirth education. If you love the CLE as much as I do or if you are in the market for a doula or a childbirth class, this is a great one to check out! I am loving their blog and am looking forward to future posts! The perfect site for the expecting mama who loves her city!!!


Hope you loved the list and that these sites are not only a great resource, but also super fun to read through! And if you have a favorite I didn’t list, leave it in the comments!!!

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I love reading blogs, too! Number 5 is one of my favorites. Thanks for the new material. 🙂

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