OH BABY! 20 first year moments to capture on camera


Years from now, when my boys are grown and their first year of life is just a distant memory – I know I will be so glad to have captured these moments on camera. That I will be able to pull out their baby book (when I finish them, that is 😉 ) and be transported back in time to that first year. And remember not only the big moments – like the smiles and the firsts – but also the little things that made each boy unique and special. The everyday things that at the time, I may have taken for granted. I compiled a list of moments (big and small) that I am glad to have captured on camera. Hopefully, it inspires you to pull out that camera (and print those photos!) for more than just the big moments.

1. The details of your hospital room.

The photos I have of my boys in the hospital are priceless to me. It takes me right back to that moment when I first saw their faces. When I fell in love with them for the first time. When I saw my husband as a father for the first time. The hospital hats, wristbands, and hospital bed – they all make me feel nostalgic and think of the few days when it was just us and the outside world didn’t matter.first year milestones

2. Coming home from the hospital.

Their first time in real clothes. Their first time outdoors. Their first car ride. The first time you will bring them into their first home. You’ll want to remember these moments.

newborn baby in front of first home

3. Hanging out in the nursery.

The crib is finally assembled with a fitted sheet, no pillow, no blanket and a mobile. The changing table has the diapers, wipes, and creams all stocked. The dresser drawers are organized by size and season. The rocker is waiting to finally rock that baby to sleep. Everything is all set up and ready. Your baby is finally able to enjoy that labor of love. Don’t let all those hours and all that love go to waste. Capture it.

mom and baby girl in nursery by crib4. Bath time.

Suds. Baby rolls. And bare bellies. Nuff said 🙂

5. Feeding time.

Whether you breastfeed, bottle feed, or exclusively pump to feed your baby, feeding time is a special bonding experience for the two of you. It’s an excuse to shut down everything else around you and pay attention to just you and your child. Feeding takes up a HUGE chunk of your time in the first year. You’ll want to remember it.

breastfeeding baby - first year milestone

6. First smiles.

There is nothing better than the first time your baby smiles at you. NOTHING. All the sleepless nights, crying, and countless feedings all of a sudden are forgotten. And everything is perfect. On second thought, just enjoy the first smile. Take it in. Smile back. Be in the moment.  Pull out the camera for the second or third smile 🙂

baby's first smiles

7. Discovering feet/belly button.

Is there anything cuter than baby feet? I may have a slight obsession 🙂 . But, seriously, everything is new to your baby. And when they find out that they have feet and belly buttons? You’ll want photos of it.

baby discovering her feet

8. First tooth.

What’s close to being as good as the first smile? The first smile with the first little tooth poking out.

first tooth and baby giggles

9. Baby’s comfort item. (paci, thumb, lovie)

These things change so quickly sometimes. AJ carried around a shovel and a sock monkey for a solid 6 months. I am so glad I have photos of him and his shovel and monkey. Because otherwise, I may not remember this brief time period where they were the only things that could keep him happy. I also cherish the photos I have of my oldest sucking his thumb. These are some of my favorite photos of him because it’s how he looked when he was most calm and content. My youngest now plays with his belly button for comfort. I still need to capture a photo of this and writing this post is reminding me to get on that!  <3.

baby boy with pacifier detail photo

10. Playing with favorite toys.

Those toys that are now all over your floor? You know, the ones you constantly step on and attempt to keep organized? They will be gone soon and replaced with Hot Wheels and Barbie Dolls. Get photos of them playing with their favorite baby toys. It will instantly take you back to that first year.

chubby baby thighs and blocks

11. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner routines.

Once your baby starts solids, it’s a whole different ball game. High chairs, bumbo seats, bibs, baby mush, finger foods, and messy faces. Capture it all 🙂

baby feeding time

12. Crawling.

It seems to take forever for them to start crawling. But, once they do – it goes so quickly. Soon enough they will be walking and the crawling phase will be a distant memory. You may want video for this one.

13. Pulling up onto furniture.

I loved seeing my boys little faces pop up from behind the coffee table and smile at me as if saying, “Mom, look what I did!”. They just look so proud of their accomplishment and they can barely see over the top. And then before you know it, they are jumping from said coffee table to the couch and acting like a wild animal. Freeze that innocence.

happy boy pulling up to mama's lap

14. First Haircut.

Ok, so with my first son this milestone didn’t happen in his first year. He didn’t get his first haircut till he was almost 3. Yes, that’s right. It only took us about 50 people calling him a cute little girl before we finally caved and got it cut. My youngest had his right before his first birthday. No matter when they finally get their first cut, be sure to take photos before, during, and after. Once they get their haircut, they will look like a completely different child to you. It instantly ages them. You have been warned.

baby's first haircut

15. Clapping.

Babies think this is the best thing ever. They laugh and laugh as they clap. This is another one to pull out the video for 🙂

16. First steps.

They toddle. They waddle. They fall. They look adorable and proud. Capture it. It’s a milestone.

baby's first steps - cleveland family photographer

17. Waving bye-bye.

I remember my boys waving as being the first time I felt like they were actually communicating with me and understanding what was going on. Plus, what’s cuter than their little chubby hands waving backwards?

18. Playing peek-a-boo.

This one brings out the biggest smiles and all the belly laughs. Again – video. It’s the closest thing to bottling up the sound of your baby’s belly laugh. I’m telling you, it’s the best sound in the world.

19. Story time/bedtime routine.

This routine changes so much as the years pass. Bath, jammies, story, rocking. Whatever your routine involves at this moment in time – you will want to remember it.story time with baby

20. The first birthday celebration.

You’ve made it through the first year! Congrats! Cake, presents, family, food, fun. However you choose to celebrate this moment, capture it. All the joy, tears, laughs, cries, and little moments have brought you to this. This day. This moment. This cake all over your baby’s face. I promise you will want to remember this milestone.

first year baby in crib with balloons

So, there you have it! 20 moments – big and small – that I am glad to have captured in each of my boys’ first years. I promise that you will love having these photos. And maybe it will even give you a little inspiration to finish that baby book!!! If you think I missed something, leave it in the comments! Ya know – just in case I have a third baby 😉 .

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