This session was actually postponed for 2 weeks due to some bad weather, and boy, did we make the right choice.  Our make- up date evening was the perfect amount of warm, sunny, and beautiful for a family photography session at the Rocky River Reservation.  After a long winter, it was so nice to see the sun shining, the grass and trees turning green, and hear the birds chirping.

It was such a pleasure meeting this family, their kids were just the sweetest.  Isaac taught me all about Star Wars, Audrey told me about her birthday (which was the day before), and Josh and Jake loved playing with the dandelions and looking for all the birds.  We had fun playing in a field, went for a walk, and threw rocks in the river.  I left the session with a smile on my face and dandelions in my hair (which by the way, my son thought was hilarious)! Jen and Trevor, you guys have a beautiful family, thank you so much for choosing me to do your family photos.  My goal was to capture the love this family has for each other and I definitely think we succeeded!  Enjoy!

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