why i'm starting a gratitude journal | and happy thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving and I have many things to be thankful for. I’ve decided that I don’t think about these things enough. That I should be thinking about these things every day. And not just one day out of the year. So, I am going to start a gratitude journal. Writing down one thing I am grateful for each day for the next year. I’m hoping it will be a great way to keep a little perspective on those tough days and a good way to look back on the good things at the end of the year. So, I thought I’d start off today with a few things I am grateful for today. To give myself a little head start :).

– I am grateful for my husband and my 2 boys

– My parents and siblings (and my brother’s new girlfriend who has already made him better person!)

– My husband’s family. I have it pretty good in the in-law department 😉

– My home. It may be small and stretched at the seams, but it’s our home and I love it.

– My boys laughs. They both have the best laughs.

– The way my 5 year old is the most caring and thoughtful person I know

– The way my (almost) 2 year old screams “M A M A!!!” because I know he won’t always need me like this.

– The fact that they are both snuggled up next to me watching cartoons right now while my husband cooks us breakfast.

– PBS kids and Netflix. Because sometimes this Mama just needs some peace ;).

– The fact that I have the ability to pick up my camera and capture beautiful memories for not just my own family, but for others’ families as well.

– My new bike. It’s my new love, my new therapy. I could write a whole post on how much I love my bike right now.

– Target. My other therapy. Some days it’s my savior. As silly as that sounds, it’s true. I get some coffee, and the boys get to browse the toy aisles. Win-win :).

– Coffee. How did I ever go 32 years without it?

– The smell of pancakes and sausage floating through my house right now. (can you tell I’m hungry?!)

– The fact that I love to vacuum. Because if I didn’t, this house would be in a constant blanket of crumbs.

– Fall. I love the colors, the smells, the pumpkins, the sweaters, scarves, and boots, and walking through the leaves. I love it all.

– The paper bag and paper plate turkeys that are on my fridge right now. Because kids holiday decorations are the best and because they remind me what a great school my kids go to and what great teachers they have.

– Red wine and craft beer. Because some days call for an adult beverage at the end of the day.

– Leggings. Need I say more?

– Being in the medical field and having a husband in the medical field as well, I’m thankful we’re both off today. And I’m grateful for all my fellow health professionals who are not off today, but are there in the trenches in case my family needs them.

– I am grateful for my clients. Because without you, I wouldn’t be able to do this job that I love everyday.

– I am most grateful because when I asked my 5 year old yesterday what he was most looking forward to about Thanksgiving… expecting him to say turkey or pumpkin pie. You know what he told me? “Spending time with my family because family is the most important thing in the world”. So true, baby, so true :).

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you can spend it with the ones you love!!!

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