Yes, It’s the end of October. And yes, you are seeing the word summer photos up there in the title.

But, let’s be honest… up until last week, it has still basically felt like summer here in Cleveland 🙂 . And truth is, client photos take precedence around here, so I JUST got around to finishing up editing our family’s summer photos this past week and I thought it would be fun to share them with you all 🙂 .

our summer photos - cleveland mom blog

This was our last summer before we moved into the school-age years (my oldest son started Kindergarten this year) and I REALLY tried to make the most of it.

If you remember back at the beginning of summer, I shared that I was going to follow the lead of my good friend over at The Good Life Photography – Virginia Greuloch – and adopt the 15 min of awesomeness every day rule. And I have to say, I feel like I did pretty good with this.

Were there days where it didn’t happen? Yes, of course. There was work and bad attitudes and obligations that got in the way sometimes… BUT, keeping the ‘rule’ in the front of my mind made most of our days pretty awesome.

We went on picnics in the park, lots of walks and bike rides, visited a few festivals, ran through the sprinkler, got in some beach and boat time, ate lunch on the front porch, and did lots of other fun stuff that I may not have done had it not been for 15 min of awesome. So, thank you, Virginia, for your inspiration and I hope to continue this tradition for summer 2018 🙂 . Maybe next year, you will be inspired to try it out! You can read Virginia’s original post about it HERE.

This was our summer in a nutshell!


Picnics in the Park

Our 2017 Summer Photos

Taste of Lakewood

Our 2017 Summer in Photos

Lots of jammy time 🙂

Lots of lakehouse fun

Our 2017 Summer in Photos

Our 2017 Summer in Photos


Edgewater Live

Edgewater Beach - Cleveland

Edgewater Beach - Cleveland

Edgewater Beach - Cleveland

Edgewater Beach - Cleveland

4th of July

Cleveland Mom blog

Meet the Trucks

Making special treats

Location scouting made fun!

Lunch on the front porch is one of their favorite things!

Celebrating Tribe winning streak!

Family trip to Kelly’s Island

Ice Cream treat for finishing the last day of Preschool

Max’s first movie

Throwing rocks in the river

Bike rides/walks through town happened A LOT.

Sprinkler fun 🙂

Riding bikes to the East Bank of the Flats and then visiting Edgewater Beach

Swim lessons!

Crushers Game to meet the Paw Patrol!

Lots of lake, beach, and boat time

Fun with cousins


The Lakewood Summer Meltdown festival

Backyard fun

All in all, we had a great summer! Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our days 🙂

If you are interested in finding out more about me or my photography, please contact me, I would love to tell your story!!!