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“Here goes nothing….. I have spent the last 6 months (and every day of my maternity leave) working to get my newborn photography business up and running and I am very excited to finally announce the launch of Ashley Sasak Photography!!!!! The last 2  1/2 years, I’ve spent countless hours taking pictures of anyone and everything I could get my hands on, and I am finally ready to take on clients! I am specializing in lifestyle/storytelling newborn, maternity, and family photography. Please come on over and like the Ashley Sasak Photography page and share with your friends!”

That was my Facebook memory from one year ago today. One year ago, I took the leap into the business side of newborn photography.

my first year in the newborn photography business | cleveland newborn photographer

I took all the necessary steps. I started off with a business mentoring session, so I knew what I needed to do. I applied for my business and vendor’s licenses. I met with an accountant to figure out how all this income and sales tax stuff works. I had a designer draw me up a logo. I spent hours and hours creating and personalizing a website and setting up a Facebook business page (because you’re not official until it’s on Facebook, right?). I made business cards, set my portfolio building prices, got all my legal ducks in a row, and wrote my first official blog post.  I thought I knew what to expect. I knew how much time would be spent in front of the computer and not actually photographing. I knew that it would be tons of hard work. I knew that as soon as I made that Facebook announcement, people would be knocking down my door begging me to take their photos. Right? Wrong…. So very wrong. Actually, I had NO idea what to expect.

Thank goodness I discovered coffee along the way…

first year as a newborn photographer

I had no idea how much time in front of the computer I would actually have to spend. No idea that I would actually be working MORE hours as a photographer than I was working at my full time nursing job. I had no idea exactly how much hard work would be involved or how hard it would be on my kids.

the business side of photography my view from my desk chair

I had no idea that it would take a lot of putting myself out there, trying to get my website rank up in Google, and a lot of trial and error with advertising so the people who want me to take their photos can actually find me. And I had absolutely NO idea how many times I would question whether I was making the right decision or not. And now, a year in, I know all of these things. And I would still go back and make that same decision to put myself out there and start this little business of mine.

You know why? Because I have had so many FANTASTIC clients that have put their trust in me to tell the story of their family through my photographs. And YOU, my clients, are how I know that I made the right decision. Every time I get a text or an email telling me that you loved your photos so much that they made you cry. Or when you love your photos so much that you order them large to put on your walls so you can see them every day. Or the fact that I genuinely love learning about you. I love hearing about your pregnancies, your birth stories, your life! I love keeping in touch after our sessions. All of these things keep me going. Keep me inspired. Keep me from dreading all those hours I spend at my computer. So THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for an amazing first year!

While I know that I am still relatively new to all this and have a lot more to learn (I honestly learn something new every day), I have come a long way in the past year. I have figured out where my passion lies and have specialized in photographing new life.

cleveland newborn photographer

I have learned all of the “biz” things I have to do in the background to keep this business going. I have learned that it’s ok to put myself out there. I have learned that if I put in the work, GREAT clients will find me. And that we will make magic.

cleveland, oh maternity and newborn photographer

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What a beautiful post! Much continued success in your business in the future!

Congratulations on getting through the first year, Ashley! I really liked reading about how much work goes into having a small business and how time consuming it all is. But, you have some beautiful photos so it’s all worth it.

I just adore this post! Congratulations on your first official year! It’s amazing what all goes into a business. Thank you for sharing this! <3

I know! I could have never imagined all the work I would put in!

Congrats lady! It’s definitely a learning process, but it sounds like you’ve made some leaps in the first year and I hope you continue to do so in the upcoming years! Keep up the hard work! <3

Thanks, Tami! I am excited to continue learning as the next year progresses!